Slate Coaster with Soapstone Chalk

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Leave fun messages with chalk on your coasters to match whatever mood you're in! Fun for a party to write names or drinks on each coaster.  Soapstone chalk wipes off easily with just water so you can change your personal message whenever you want! 

Soapstone chalk is much harder than school chalk so it lasts longer is is not dusty so it is easy to write notes. It is food safe so you can add messages to your coasters and cheese boards with no worry.

There is 1 coaster + 1 chalk per quantity. If you want a set of 4, choose 4 for your quantity. Each coaster roughly measures 4" x 4" x 1/4". There are protective cork feet on the bottom to protect surfaces. Coasters are leveled so they do not teeter.
Our coasters are made from natural USA slate and are free of sealants. Each design is hand-stamped with permanent ink that will not fade or scratch off.  Our slate is kept natural and free of sealants. The edges are rough and chipped, while the top and bottom can be smooth, rough, shiny, or two-toned. It is discolored and imperfect by nature. Slate is extremely durable, functional and easy to clean. It can withstand both hot and cold temperatures while retaining most of your beverages condensation. 
Spot clean with soap and water.