Orion- Natural Mosquito Repellent

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2- pack 2g (.07 oz) per vial

Tapping the power of natural ingredients, ORION Mosquito Repellent effectively protects from mosquitos and insects without DEET or other toxic chemicals. ORION is infused with sunflower oil & raw beeswax to also nourish the skin as it naturally wards off pesky mosquitoes for over 6 hours of protection.

NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT: Never again put your loved ones at risk. Anytime natural mosquito lotion has been formulated to provide bug protection without exposing you & your family to any toxic chemicals.

NOURISHES & PROTECTS THE SKIN: While our insect free natural repellent effectively & naturally wards off pesky mosquitos, it also nourishes the skin with the powers of natural ingredients.

SAFE FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Non-toxic & gentle, our natural bug lotion can be applied on the skin of children or adults for over 6 hours of protection.

Hyperion Essentials offers personal, individual use, and high-quality natural products. Our products offer an opportune way to highlight a company’s commitment to sustainability, and simultaneously transfer well-being on to its customers.

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