Wooden TBSP Coffee Scoops

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These coffee scoops are beautiful, local and handcrafted by Jason Hadlee at Blue Prairie Kitchenware in Des Moines, Iowa.  Each scoop is unique and hand whittled by Jason.  

**Current selection is all 1 TBSP scoops.

Why Cheers Ink?

all natural

Our slate coasters are mined in the USA and each color is found naturally in the earth. Every coaster's color, texture and chipped edge will vary to some degree. We keep our coasters free of sealants so the natural stone can absorb some of a drink's condensation. Our designs are stamped in permanent ink that will not fade.


The coasters are great quality, and have several designs for a variety of decors or occasions. Shipping has always been prompt. Great coasters for your home or for a gift!


I was so excited when this came in the mail— it is high quality and beautiful! Perfect!


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